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About Richard:Richard Rich OCM

Richard has been helping people communicate more effectively for over 18 years. He ran a restaurant for 11 years where people skills and clear communication are essential. Clear communication and a great attitude helped create a culture of customer and employee satisfaction in the restaurant.

Through his Toastmasters experiences he has added skills and experience that enable his clients to develop powerful speaking and presentation skills quickly. A professional trainer and speaker, Richard is a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) and a Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) Trainer in Toastmasters  District 74 – Southern Africa.

Richard has an MBA from Regenesys business school. His dissertation examined the impact of Employee Engagement on retention of key leaders.

Some of his clients include Bytes Technology, Key Players, Pros, Wits School of Technology, Varsity College and Standard Bank.

His personal quest is to improve effective performance feedback and help presenters avoid the lazy “Death by PowerPoint” approach, and effectively engage their audiences. Helping individuals, and groups, learn to communicate their message effectively.

As we speak, our audience is asking “Why should I care?” and “What’s in it for me?” Richard helps you answer these questions, and keep your audience’s attention.

When it comes to communication and presentations, Clear and Simple is better! Presentations should not be projected “word documents” but graphic focal points reinforcing the point you are making. Telling a story is an effective way to reach an audience. When we buy-in to an idea, it is our emotional response that convinces us … then we intellectually justify our decision. Think of when you bought your house. You loved the house, and then you justified the purchase.

Emotional Intelligence coaching and training

About Lelaine:Lelaine

Lelaine is an Emotional Intelligence (EI) specialist. As an emotional intelligence coach and facilitator, Lelaine understands that performance outcomes are driven by the level of EI mastery in an organisation.  She is committed to developing her clients’ understanding of the 4 core components of EI, as well as coaching around EI’s impact on motivation, relationships and conflict resolution.

The 4 core components of EI are:

  • self-awareness
  • self-management
  • social awareness
  • relationship management

Organisations are traditionally of the view that employees need to “leave their emotions at home”.  However, research has increasingly shown that being in touch with your emotions is a critical factor in reducing absenteeism, increasing sales, retaining employees and producing high performance teams.  In other words, higher EQ equals higher profits.

Lelaine trained as a psychologist and specialised in EQ after obtaining her coaching qualification at INSAfrica.  Lelaine has been in the business of assessing and increasing her client’s EQ competencies for over 10 years.

Lelaine’s experience shows that no matter your current level of proficiency, with skilful coaching or facilitation your EQ skills will improve.

Aristotle said that “anyone can become angry – that is easy.  But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose and in the right way – that is not easy”.

Lelaine will help you recognise your emotions, why they arise and how to manage them effectively.


“We have adopted the 3-2-1 feedback method as a quick win in teaching employees good feedback methods and habits. The results have been impressive.” Skip Franzsen. Bytes Human Capital and Transformation Executive.

“I’ve watched Richard speak a number of times and every time I learn a valuable lesson. His engaging, humorous and intelligent style helps drive his message home. He is a master of his craft.” J. de Villiers, Professional speaker and writer

“Thank you for a very motivating and uplifting presentation. Our students are still talking about it.” Michelle VC Pta

“Richard is a skilled communicator who genuinely helps people by sharing his professional skill. He always has something encouraging to share and is a huge asset to our toastmasters club. He is a naturally caring, uplifting personality and adds a lot of positive energy to our group. Richard has achieved the status of Distinguised Toastmaster, the highest award in Toastmasters, and did this in record time. He has been my mentor for the last year and has helped me tremendously. I am very grateful for all the help, encouragement and good practical input that Richard has given me. I highly recommend Richard as a speaker, trainer, facilitator or coach. He can be relied to do whatever job is given to him with dedication and skill.” C. K. Naturalwise

“Life changing, I learned the value of focussing on the positive.” P.M. VC Benmore

“Having a dynamic positive attitude has helped me live a better life.” K.W. Manager



“I am just much happier since I learned dynamic meditation. It makes it easier to get out of my stress cycles.” A.O. Sales consultant

“Richard is a very dynamic and positive person, he adds so much energy to the day.” J.T. Agent

“I have definitely seen a change in the attitude of my staff and their confidence levels have improved remarkably.” A.C Tech Support Manager

“Richard completely exceeded my expectations. Thanks you” E Biiggs Head Internal Coms

“Richard’s preparation and communication was excellent.” R. G. Tech Academy

“My exams were much easier once I got my attitude and mind in the right place. I found I could apply the information immediately. ” J.M. Student

“I have done many visualisation and meditation courses but this was so logical and easy I found myself enjoying it tremendously. I now understand how and why meditation works.” C.P.


Corporate sponsors:

We offer the schools course to some previously disadvantaged schools at no charge to the school.

If you’d like to give back to your community and sponsor a school, or know of a deserving school, and would like help change some children’s lives contact us and find out how.


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