Adding meaning through the business why

Adding meaning as business leaders through the business why


As Friedrich Nietzsche said: “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.”

We all look to add meaning to our lives, if we are able to discover and craft that meaning; we can deal with far more in our lives. When we find meaning in the work we do, we discover more meaning in our lives. After all work takes up more than half of most people’s waking hours. An important element of employee engagement is meaning.

Something leaders need to do, is look for the meaning in work, and translate this meaning into a clear message, broadcasting this message to the people that make up the company.

In the Gallup Q12 questionnaire, question no. 8 asks: “Does the mission/purpose of my company make me feel my job is important?” The business why.

People work harder and feel more engaged when they believe their work matters (has meaning), and the company’s mission has meaning. Gallup discovered that Engagedemployees work with more passion as they feel a strong connection to the organisation, they have a sense that what they do means something; they work hard to innovate and improve. Unfortunately those employees who are Non-Engaged do the bare minimum expected of them, but no more. Those who are Actively Disengaged spread their unhappiness to other staff like a virus. Have the business why clear in your mind.
Discovering and sharing meaning has real market value. Meaning can lead to people feeling engaged, more passionate and this affects the bottom line. Managers and leaders need to remember businesses are made up of people, the people need to be motivated to work, and giving them a sense of meaning is a great motivator.

business why

Meaning, the business why, makes for increased employee engagement scores and passionate people.

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