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The basics of communication

In any communication between two people, there is a sender and a receiver; for example me writing this blog, and you reading this. The problem is that the ideas, feelings and message we are trying to send are often distorted by the means of communication, making it fuzzy communication. We know what we feel and think, these feelings and thoughts are encoded based on our personal experiences and understandings. The receiver decodes the message, through the filter of his or her own personal background and experiences. The receiver then encodes a message; transmits the message, which the original sender then decodes. Thus creating a cycle of communication including feedback.

Think of a simple word like “Church“. We can look it up, and all pretty much agree on a definition. “House of worship” for example. This Basic communication model helps us understand why our message may not be heard or understood.

Depending on our backgrounds and experiences, even what we saw today, we all get a different image in our heads of what a church looks like. Ranging from a local church to St Paul’s cathedral. Add to that the emotion the word and image conjure up. Ranging from boredom or fear to joy and delight. Depending on our own ideas and experiences around the word we have a different understanding of the word or concept.

The Basic communication model shows how when we use the word, but assume others understand what we mean issues can quickly arise. Add to that the means of transmission – the words, body language, tone of voice and the pictures the words create. All of these can alter the meaning of the word. Is the message we are sending or receiving really clear? Be careful not to assume. Make the message clear using balanced feedback.

Basic communication model
Use this Basic communication model to increase communicate effectiveness.

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