Benefits of a positive workplace

Discover the benefits of a positive workplace

An emotionally toxic working environment impacts your bottom line. Studies have shown that unlike a positive workplace working in a negative environment can lead to:

Psychologists Dr John Gottman, Dr Barbara Fredrickson and organisational psychologist Dr Marcial Losada have proven that a ratio of at least 3 positive to 1 negative statements is necessary to create a successful relationship in our personal and business lives. Creating a positive work environment through positive feedback opens us to new possibilities, broadens our outlook, opening us to new solutions and ideas. Positivity creates the opportunity for human moments that transcend a smiling face and hopeful thoughts. A positive work environment impacts our body chemistry, reduces stress and improves creativity and problem solving abilities. Just as a negative environment increases stress, negatively impacts our body chemistry and reduces tolerance and empathy.The power of a Positive workplace

A positive workplace enhances:
Decisions. Researchers have demonstrated how managers with greater positivity are more accurate and careful in making decisions. Similarly they are more effective interpersonally. (UC Berkeley Haas School of Business)
Team work. Managers with positive attitudes and who offer balanced positive feedback create teams with similar attitudes and show improved team effectiveness with less effort required. High-performance teams displayed unusually high positivity-to-negativity ratios: about 6:1. (Dr Marcial Losada)
Negotiation. In complex negotiations positivity is a contributing factor for success. Positivity is an excellent strategic move as negotiators who display positive attributes are more likely to gain concessions, close deals and improve future business relationships. (Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management)
Retention. A positive working environment has a direct impact on retention. People leave negative managers, more than they leave organisations. The cost to replace skilled workers is often more than their annual salary. Workers who leave also impact the mood of an organisation if the reasons were negative.(Gallup)

5 actions to build a positive workplace

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