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Social awareness an Emotional Intelligence imperative

Social awareness is your ability to accurately pick up on other people’s emotions and understand what is really going on with them This means noticing how other people are feeling even if you don’t feel the same way. It’s easy to get caught up in your own emotions and forget to consider the perspective of the other person. Listening and observing are the most important elements …

Self-management an Emotional Intelligence imperative

Self-management is your ability to act or not act It is entirely dependent on your self-awareness and it is the ability to use your awareness to stay flexible and direct your behaviour positively. Some emotions create such paralysing fear or cloudy thinking that no reaction seems clear. Self-management is so much more than resisting explosive or problematic behaviour. The biggest challenge people usually face is managing …

Self-awareness an Emotional Intelligence necessity

Self-awareness is about understanding what makes you tick Self-awareness is your ability to accurately notice your own emotions in the moment and understand your typical reactions. Becoming more self-aware requires a willingness to focus on feelings that may be negative. You need to spend time thinking about where your feelings come from and why they are there; it is about understanding what makes you tick.   …

Winning over upset customers

Friction between you and a difficult customer is often made worse by how you interpret their behaviour. Get the full picture. Additionally although the customer's anger may seem to be directed at you, you are just the person they are venting to and don't take it too personally.

Effective adult education in the workplace

We believe what we see above that which we hear. Still the most powerful method to persuade or to positively change behaviour is to demonstrate the desired behaviour. For effective adult education don’t tell them what to do, demonstrate the desired behaviour and offer suggestions instead. Telling can bring out the inner stroppy child.

8 qualities of a great Mentor

What are the qualities of a great Mentor? Mentorship is becoming an essential element of dynamic innovative business. It helps develop talent and with Knowledge Management – sharing intrinsic knowledge. 1. Demonstrate integrity Great mentors have credibility and live their own advice, they walk their talk. It doesn’t mean they have all the answers, but it does mean they act as a positive role model. Good …

Mentorship a business essential

Mentorship programmes need to be aligned with the strategic goals of the organisation. The purpose of the relationship is to develop the protégé not only for the current job, but also for the future.

EQ Motivation: How values drive behaviour

Our values drive behaviour Imagine if you were handed a treasure map and told that if you found the treasure hidden where X marks the spot, your life would suddenly make sense and you would feel motivated and have direction? Would you try and find that treasure? That’s what it means to know your values in an emotionally intelligent way. It is a gift to …

Self esteem build or bust

The short-term ego hit we get from this criticism last less and less, and we end up feeling worse about ourselves, requiring yet another hit of superiority. This critical attitude and behaviour erodes our own self-esteem and leaves us feeling lower on the self-esteem scale than before. Causing the cycle to repeat. Break the cycle ... choose to search for the good, in ourselves …

Law of giving- a business essential

In a business relationships the one who gives more, becomes invested more. The one who receives more, and gives less, is less invested. In order to create deeper connection and investment in the relationship it is essential to also allow the other to give to you.

mental gymnastics – association and perspective

Have fun. If someone insults you instead of taking it as an insult try twisting it as a weird compliment. It has two affects, it helps you learn to use your imagination in a positive direction rather than belittling yourself and it also annoys the person trying to insult you, leaving them frustrated.

mind shadows and mental tape loops

The ideas and perspectives in our heads that, while unexamined, overshadow our confidence and leave us feeling nervous and anxious. An idea or repeated thought about yourself that is so much larger while in your head – like a scary shadow from your hand on the wall.