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Speech design: Humour made to fit

Humour can be very effective in illustrating your ideas, and is far more memorable than cold hard facts and figures. Dull facts can bore your audience, and lose even the most sympathetic listener. Using humour to reinforce your point will get a much better response, especially when in a public setting, speaking to a business audience who is not specifically there for humour. …

The power of the Pause in speaking

Too many speakers rush to say something. Allowing too little time for you and the audience to engage each other, and settle in. The pause before you say a single word allows you to own the stage, and creates a presence that attracts attention and invites the audience to settle and listen.

Emotional buy-in in speaking

When building a relationship, speaking or making a sale remember to appeal to the emotional nature of your audience. People make decisions, and buy in, emotionally and then intellectually justify their decisions.The greatest skill any speaker or sales professional can develop is the ability to connect with their audience emotionally.

Slide design: Quick presentation tips

Have you ever sat through a boring, monotonous power point presentation; one that left you wishing you could get that hour of your life back? Follow these tips to prevent losing your audience and turning them off you and your product/idea for good. Ensure you have answered the listener’s unspoken question, offered a solution and make one clear point. Use the power of stories and …

Communication in Conflict Resolution

Conflict can be an opportunity to build relationships ... or the demise of one. Here are some communication tips to help manage and build your relationships in the face of conflict. Use effective feedback (3-2-1), humour and other tips to engage your listener and find creative solutions.

Need 4 Clear Steps

In our business and relationship communication this means we need to create a clear path for clients or our partner to take once we raise the issue. If we raise a problem or fear tainted issue it will cause anxiety but is unlikely to lead to change unless clear action steps are agreed to in the moment and action is taken immediately. Otherwise actions will …

Smile power in business

Don't wait for others to smile at you ... take this life altering step first ...Smile! :-D Nothing changes things like the power of a genuine smile. A smile can change your day. Turn a bad experience positive. If you enter a store and a greeted with a smile, made to feel welcome your shopping experience is made better.

Mirror neurons in the brain

Storytelling is a great way to activate these 'mirror neurons', allowing us to experience new behaviour or a new culture. We can watch someone do something then trying it ourselves, or live the experience through stories that engage our imaginations. In the fight against HIV and the abuse of women, radio programmes have been used to create a vicarious experience in their audience, allowing …

10 top speaking tips

The audience and message matter. Focus on your audience, answer their questions “Why should I listen, why should I care?” Forget your own anxieties and focus on your message, and your audience. .Engage the audience. It calms your nerves and makes you seem more confident. Pause, smile and really look at the audience before saying anything.

Team skills building through power point karaoke

PowerPoint Karaoke is also a form of Improv comedy (think, “Who’s line is it anyway?” on TV) and can be used effectively for team building and PowerPoint skill education and training. The experience enables presenters to experience the benefits of using images rather than too much text. Different presenters will interpret the same images in different ways. Allowing for each presenter to present in his …

Basic communication model a business tool

In any communication between two people, there is a sender and a receiver; for example me writing this blog, and you reading this. The problem is that the ideas, feelings and message we are trying to send are often distorted by the means of communication. We use the word, assuming others understand what we mean. Add to that the means of transmission – the words, …

10 powerful speech tips

Crave feedback and improve your speech on every level. This is the difference between good and great! Also remember feedback is an opinion, one perspective. You need to own your speech. Tweak your delivery and message based on perspective and feedback, but … remember it is your message. You can’t please everyone!

Business relationship poisons cripple teams

The 4 Poisons that kill business and professional relationships. The combination of these are the death-knell of your business or professional relationships. Your clients or so-workers will vote with their feet and leave or refuse to work with you. By actively counteracting these, being kind and supportive you can grow your relationships, create customer loyalty and team cohesiveness.

Changing business culture through stories

What stories do you tell in your organisation? Stories are more effective at changing culture in an organisation than lists and bullet points. A study with MBA students discovered when they were given the same information in 3 different formats ... lists of bullet points, charts and graphs and in a story format they remembered the stories easiest and found them more credible.

Humour tips for speeches

Ensure the humour is relevant. Humour that is simply there to make the audience laugh can be distracting, and may make your audience miss the important point of your talk. For example telling the story of your drunken uncle at a family picnic is distracting, no matter how funny, if you are trying to make the point about quality service and cannot easily tie …

Clear Communication in goal setting

Be specific and clear when you set your goals. Ensure you can clearly explain what you mean by the terms you use and the pictures you create. Also be aware of the emotion attached to them. Fear, excitement or enjoyment. Then, ensure you write them down Clearly!