Chunk it, feel and repeat your way to success

In business chunk it, feel and repeat your way to success

 Break it down into the smallest elements.

1. Chunk it

Chunking is the skill of identifying important individual elements of a task/ability and organising them into an effective process you can follow.  Break it down into the smallest elements. You may have try an element of a process numerous times before you succeed. It is essential to pay attention to the process and get feedback as to what elements work, and those that do not. Our brains are elastic and will build up new pathways as we practice.  Deep, Deliberate practise leads to mastery.  Deep, Deliberate practice can be designed to be fun, but it isn’t always inherently enjoyable on it’s own. Here the Growth Mindset is essential to keep your focus and passion.

2. Feel the Flow

This feeling of being in the state of most productive practise is described in detail by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and his book “Flow”. Flow is the feeling of being in the zone, or hitting the “Sweet spot”. Pay attention when the feeling appears. The sense of Flow is our bodies feedback that we are on the right path. Be aware of that feeling of fit. Like a child’s lego project, look for how the small pieces fit together, creating a larger whole. Chunk it to make it easier to digest. Being in flow is an energising peak experience in which we utilise our strengths, skills and talents.Flow Chunk it for success

3. Repeat

Repetition is essential, and the key to forming new pathways in the brain. Spending more time is most effective when we are still in the “sweet spot” stretching our capabilities.

Chunk it for success

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