Business coaching, cultivating the bottom line

Business coaching: cultivating the bottom line in your organisation

Companies who Mentor and Coach their employees create better levels of engagement according to studies done by Gallup and the Saratoga Institute.

In their studies of Thousands of employees, and companies, they discovered that when employees feel someone at work cares about their growth, and progress, they are more engaged. A good manager who cares can make all the difference. Those who feel the company, and specifically their manager, doesn’t care are disengaged, more likely to call in sick or leave the company. This translates into recruitment costs, absenteeism costs and disengaged employees affect customer satisfaction.

We have all had the experience of being served by someone who is disengaged …. What was your impression of the company when this disinterested “I am just doing my job” person helped you?

Business coaching helps reduce conflict and increase Employee Engagement as staff members feel the organisation cares.

The person who is engaged, feels like the company cares, what they do matters is more energised, has less sick days and presents a better face to your customers. Engagement is directly linked to profitability, retention of key staff and absenteeism. Engaged employees build your brand. Engaged employees are feedback that you are doing something right.

What are you doing to actively engage your staff?

Business coaching

Create One Clear Message in your organisation with Business coaching to develop talent and increase Employee Engagement

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