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  • Clear Google search tipsDo you, or your employees, spend hours searching Google? How clear is your communication with this search engine? Here is an article with some simple tips to help you get better information more efficiently.

    Articles on speaking:

  • Basic speech constructionUse this basic formula, with template, to construct your speeches. Communication tips to make your presentations or speeches more effective.
  • Presentation tips for businessMake your business presentations more effective with the tips in this article.
  • Powerful presentation tipsUse these powerful presenter tips to take your presentation to the next level.
  • Storytelling in business for impact: Stories can change the way we think, act, and feel.
  • Presentation Skills in the social media age: Your audience may be larger than you think. Take advantage of social media when you speak
  • 3, 2, 1 feedback methodHow to give effective feedback that is heard, and can be more easily acted on.
  • Question and answer tips for presentersTips for handling a Q & A session.
  • Communication Skills: We respond more dynamically to pictures than words. Think of the difference between the pictures created by “Don’t slam the door!” and “Please close the door gently.” The second message creates a congruent clear message of what we actually want.

    Articles on Emotional Intelligence:

  • Why Emotional intelligence workshops don’t work alone: EI development requires incremental change not 2-3 days of workshops.
  • Effective training tips for learning and development: Training can be expensive, particularly if it is ineffective. Too often training is undertaken with little thought of the desired outcomes. What are you trying to achieve?
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ/EI): The core competencies of EQ and impact on your life.
  • Ownership: Owning what you get out of your attitudes and actions is essential to augmenting the positive motivations and replacing the negative
  • Choice“All choices have consequence. Even doing nothing is a choice”
  • ProcessingProcessing is essential to discovering the patterns and the emotional weight we have added to our lives.
  • Self-esteem: Self-esteem is the honest value, appreciation and love you hold for yourself.
  • The link between Business and Dating: The correlation between business relationships and dating. Both are about building and maintaining relationships. A humorous look at the link between the two areas.

    Articles on Employee Engagement:

  • Employee EngagementLow Employee Engagement has been directly linked to lower levels of productivity and service, and ultimately reduced growth and profits.
  • Business CultureA positive communication culture helps grow your business. Learn how to make your message stick, inspire your people to change and create a positive corporate culture where you work.
  • CoachingOne could define Coaching as helping another to improve awareness, set goals in order to improve specific behaviour. A coach follows a set agenda to develop, reinforce or change skills and behaviours. The coach sets an objective/goal for each discussion.
  • Conflict Don’ts: Improve your conflict resolution skills.
  • 360-Degree feedback: Top 5 tips for using 360-Degree feedback to develop people and achieve strategic goals.
  • 5 Change management tipsTips to make change more effective.
  • Balanced Feedback: Acknowledges what the person has done right and suggests possible areas for improvement as well as demonstrates these suggestions.

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