The Business Culture of the Organisation

A positive communication culture helps grow your business. Learn how to make your message stick, inspire your people to change and create a positive corporate culture where you work. Concepts such as “Go the extra mile for the customer” are rather vague until they are explained in a more concrete manner. The stories of the “Nordies”, employees at Nordstroms department store, ironing a shirt for a customer so he’d look great for a meeting, wrapping parcels from other stores are far more effective in helping people understand the idea that we do go the extra mile. They show what you mean by the jargon or broad concepts you use in slogans. Our Business Culture is made up of the stories people share and live. Often management tries to make changes too big. Through the concept of Kaizen, small changes, the larger issues can be broken down into smaller, more manageable, pieces that can make significant changes.

Business Culture tips to help organisations develop a more positive culture include the use of stories. Telling stories is a great way to reach an audience. Stories help people understand and remember the point. When we buy-in to an idea, it is our emotional response that convinces us … then we intellectually justify our decision. Think of when you bought your house. You loved the house, and then you justified the purchase.

What messages are the words you are saying, the pictures the words create, and your actions sending about you and what you stand for? These are components of what creates your organisation’s stories and culture.

These are some of the essential issues we deal with relating to the culture of an organisation. Another important component of culture is the concept of fairness. Is the culture in your organisation “Do as I say, not what I do”? Are you reaching your people emotionally and getting a buy-in? Our relationships are built on clear communication and good interpersonal relationship skills.


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Use these business culture tips and techniques to increase Employee Engagement and create a positive culture