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Emotional Intelligence programmes and presentation skills courses which improve communication and leads to engaged passionate staff, happier customers and improved profitability.

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Speaking and presentation skills

1. Think Billboard – The science behind powerful business presentation skills 1/2 Day + 3 x 2 hr practicals) –   Discover the neuroscience and psychology behind powerful presentations. End “Death by PowerPoint” with 1/2 day theory and 3 practical 2 hour sessions to practice your presentations over the next 3 weeks with feedback. 

2. Advanced sales presentation skills training (1/2 Day + 3 x 3 hr practicals) Discover the neuroscience and psychology behind a powerful sales presentation, learn tops sales tips with 1/2 day theory and 3 practical 3 hour sessions to practice your sales presentations over the next 3 weeks with feedback and tips.  

3. Practical speaking workshop  (2 hrs x 4 session) – (once per week – 4 weeks) Learn how to write a speech in 10 minutes. Practical speaker workshop where delegates learn how to deliver speeches, think on their feet and give feedback. Delegates give a prepared speech and give each other supportive  developmental feedback each week. Topics covered having a point, getting to the point, body language and persuading with business stories. 

Team building and EQ/EI

4.  Values into behaviours – This workshop helps you translate your vision, mission, values or strategy into relatable day-to-day behaviours your team enact on a daily basis.

5.Ei in TEAM – growing Emotionally Intelligent teams (EI) (1 day or 2 x 1/2 day) –  An essential skill for team members, leaders and others who want to improve Emotionally Intelligent communication, effectively build your team, deliver feedback and manage your self more effectively.

6. Brain smart time management (1/2 day or full day) – You will learn how to use neuroscience research  to manage your brain’s attention and focus to utilise your time more effectively, reduce procrastination and achieve more every day.

7. Emotional Intelligence conflict and difficult conversations workshop (5 sessions over 5 weeks)  Discover Emotionally Intelligent tools and neuroscience that enables you to handle difficult discussions and the science behind how to deal with conflict.

8. Peer mentoring and coaching programme (1/2 day) Add on to EI training –  Learn how to embed and sustain the new Emotionally Intelligent behaviour once you have begun building an Emotionally Intelligent team. Learn how to build peer mentoring teams within your organisation that support learning and new behaviours.   

Feedback skills

9. The science behind effective feedback: Building successful teams  Discover the psychology behind powerful developmental feedback, learn to give and receive feedback which encourages positive action in a positive manner.

10. Performance feedback Masterclass (4 hours)  You will learn in this Performance feedback Masterclass how to deliver Emotionally Intelligent feedback which increases Employee Engagement and retention.

One Clear Message 2016 programmes

“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand” – Confucius

Building Emotionally Intelligent communication through presentation skills training and Emotional Intelligence training Contact us now to start improving your Emotionally Intelligent communication skills

– Key note address (1hr) Emotionally Intelligent communication skills/Presentation skills/ Employee Engagement/ Performance feedback and Mindset/  Company Culture

– Personal presentation and business coaching (focus on presentation skills {design and delivery}, inter personal communication skills, performance feedback and employee engagement)

These workshops can be done at your offices to fit in with the schedule and demands of your business. Embedded learning is achieved through sharing understanding and experiences. Reinforcement through practical exercises help create a deeper understanding and application of the ideas presented in these workshops.

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