Brain Smart time management to make you more productive

Transform your time management by learning brain smart time management skills. Reduce procrastination – It doesn’t matter how much time we have if we do not have the attention or energy to utilise that time effectively. Discover the power of Mindfulness to help become more productive and us button

Without energy and the ability to focus it doesn't matter how much time you haveYou will learn how to use neuroscience research  to manage your brain’s attention and focus to achieve more every day. Effective time management is not just about managing your diary, instead it is more about managing our brains and energy.Brain smart time management

Workshop Outline

Learn how to use neuroscience research  to manage your brain’s attention and focus to utilise your time and energy more effectively, reduce procrastination and achieve more every day. This time Management Workshop helps you optimise your efforts to ensure that you focus as much of your time and energy as possible on the high-payoff tasks.  Understanding why we procrastinate, the dangers of multitasking and managing our attention and energy are essential parts of Brain Smart time management. Developing the skill of managing our mind, energy and attention.

Potential brain smart time modules:

Module 1: They myth of multitasking

  • The cost of switching
  • Limited energy
  • Chunk it

Module 2: The parole study

  • Brain hungry tasks
  • Brain energisers
  • Take a break (45/15)

Module 3: The amygdala hijack

  • Strategies to manage overwhelm
  • Learning to say no!
  • Lessons from legos
  • Ownership

Module 4: EI frog lists

  • Next steps
  • Fear study
  • New S.M.A.R.T. goals

Module 5: Mail, meetings and madness

  • Email protocols
  • Meetings
  • Daily rituals for productivity

Module 6: Mindfulness

  • The quiet mind
  • Breathing (
  • Creative problem solving

Duration of Course: 1/2 day or full day. The course is designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation

Venue: Brain Smart time management training can be conducted in-house, or at a venue of your choice.

Cost: Contact us today for a custom us buttonLearning outcomes – By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Use Neuroscience principles to manage the brain more effectively.
  • Manage your attention and focus in order to make better decisions with limited time.
  • Reduce procrastination.
  • Make your time more productive.
  • Manage stress and become more creative

Method of Presentation:

Teaching Aids: Course Manuals, Audio/ Visual presentations, PowerPoint presentation
Measurement: Self-assessment & Peer feedback
Interactive: Facilitation, Group Interaction,  Practical learning Activities and Feedback.
Target Group: Applicable for leaders, teams, sales people, trainers, managers, influencers, technical teams, and those who desire to manage their time and energy more effectively.

To learn the skills of Brain Smart time management contact us us button

Without energy and the ability to focus it doesn’t matter how much time you have.


5 ways Mindfulness can enhance our happiness at work infographic