Performance feedback Masterclass with
Emotional Intelligence

Performance conversations can increase Employee Engagement if handled effectively with Emotional Intelligence, but can be devastating to engagement levels and retention if handled us button


In this Performance feedback Masterclass you will learn how to effectively handle performance conversations (KPI/KPA).Are performance conversations handled well in your organisation? Are you required to have difficult conversation with colleagues, customers, subordinates and management? Have you been trained on how to give suggestions on how to improve or do you just follow a tick box approach?Performance feedback Masterclass

Performance feedback Masterclass modules

  • Clarity of communication
  • Difficult conversations and the Neuroscience of the brain (SCARF)
  • Learning how to receive performance reviews
  • Preparation for giving feedback
  • Performance feedback research
  • 3-2-1 performance feedback model

You will learn in this performance feedback Masterclass how to deliver Emotionally Intelligent feedback which increases Employee Engagement and retention. Learn the most effective way to both give and receive feedback; feedback people can hear, embrace and act on.

The performance feedback Masterclass is designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation

  • Duration of Course: 1/4 day, full day and 2 day Platinum masterclass.

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Method of Presentation:

  • Teaching Aids: Course Manuals, Audio/ Visual PowerPoint presentation
  • Measurement: Self-assessment
  • Target Group: Applicable for Managers, leaders, teams, sales people, trainers, influencers, technical teams, and those who desire to build their feedback and communication skills. Anyone who needs to share share feedback, have the listener understand the concept, and take action.

Improved performance feedback leads to engaged passionate staff, happier customers and improved profitability.

Over 100 years of Phd. research behind this programme

Performance feedback Masterclass

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