Going beyond jargon and translating corporate values into relatable day-to-day behaviours

Beyong jargon values into behaviour real human communication skillsThis workshop helps you translate your vision, mission, values or strategy into relatable day-to-day behaviours your team enact on a daily basis.

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Just because your team can recite your values, strategy or mission (or provide a dictionary definition) does not mean they understand it. Until we go beyond jargon, into personal meaning, misunderstandings are likely to occur. It is easy for ideas to get lost in the jargon. Unfortunately this leads to disengagement, confusion and the wrong behaviours. Misaligned value statements quickly become fuel for poor behaviour and a culture change bandaid. Beware the culture change bandaid

(Programmes can be customised to have a vision, mission, values or strategy emphasis)

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Venue: Training can be conducted in-house, or at a venue of your choice.

Workshop outline:

Module 1: Beyond jargon

  • Symbols and analogies
  • Sharing understanding stories
  • Reaching consensus

Module 2: Unpacking the behaviour

  • What does this look like?
  • Uncovering the bigger picture
  • TEAM – together we are more effective

Module 3: Action steps

  • What next?
  • Ongoing learning

Learning outcomes – By the end of this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the value, strategy or mission in real terms
  • Agree on, and have real conversations about, the meaning of the value, strategy or mission
  • Understand how each team members action impact the organisation
  • Have an action plan to embed the ideas and live them day-to-day

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Method of Presentation:

  1. Teaching Aids: Audio/ Visual presentations
  2. Measurement: Self-assessment, Facilitator & Peer feedback
  3. Interactive: Facilitation, Group Interaction, Practical learning Activities and Feedback.

Target Group: Applicable for organisations that desire to build a congruent culture. Creating clear understanding and human-to-human communication skills that lead to aligned behaviour, and results.