Crab in the bucket syndrome in change

Business success: the Crab in the bucket syndrome

Support is an amazing thing when you have it. Lack of support, or people who are bent on keeping you where you are, can cripple you. It is called the Crab in the Bucket syndrome.

If you were to go with a bucket to the beach to catch crabs, you will need a lid for the first two you catch, as they will try climb out. Once you catch your third crab, however, you will not need the lid. Strange as it may seem, once there are three or more crabs, the others will pull it back if one tries to climb out.

This dynamic can be seen in our relationships quite clearly. Some relationships are supportive of our desire to change while others would rather we stay as we are rather than shake things up. The fear of those holding you back is often that if you can change then so could they.

Are you a crab or do you support your friends/colleagues?
Do they support you or pull you back?

Crab in the bucket syndrome in change


Remember the crab in the bucket syndrome when it comes to change

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