Emotional buy-in in speaking

Remember emotional buy-in when selling or presenting

Are you selling the logic or the feeling? When building a relationship, speaking or making a sale remember to appeal to the emotional nature of your audience. People make decisions, and buy in, emotionally and then intellectually justify their decisions.

When your audience buys into your message, product or service what emotion are they buying into? Selling on features and benefits is more intellectual, while customers are actually more motivated by the emotional benefits, how it makes them feel. We buy emotionally and then justify intellectually.Emotional buy-in Sell emotional experiences

When we buy an ice cream, we don’t buy a scoop of chemicals, fat and sugar. We buy a delicious cone that lifts our spirits, reduces our stress, cools us down, relieves our hunger or transports us back to our childhood.

We may intellectually justify our purchase of a car as it is a good way to get around, but we really buy a specific model because of the way it makes us feel, the thrill of speed, the image, or the confidence in the vehicle’s safety.

Dale Carnegie (How to win friends and influence people) said people are not logical but “creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity.”

Dan Ariely (Predictable Irrationality) showed the impact of expectations, emotions, social norms and how such seemingly illogical forces skew our ability to make logical choices. Emotional buy-in is a key factor in effective communication and sales, it helps us connect to an idea or product.

Christopher Morley (Poet) stated when we buy a book; we don’t buy “twelve ounces of paper, ink and glue”, but a whole new life.

When people Emotional buy-in into your message, product or service they often don’t fully get all the technical details of what you are selling. They are reacting to the feeling of being comfortable, trust and respect you have built. The greatest skill any speaker or sales professional can develop is the ability to connect with their audience emotionally.

Create one clear message in your communicate while creating Emotional buy-in



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