Clarity in emotional goal setting – the journey

Emotional goal setting is about why you want the tangible goal.

In order for a goal to be effective it needs to be clear and we need to have clarified our why? Why do we want it?
The tangible goal could be the Mercedes you want (in black with leather interior and a bose sound system). Emotional goal setting relates specifically to why you want it. Why do you want this specific thing? Is it to feel successful, confident or something similar? If your tangible goal, as an example, is to be the CEO of a large company the emotional goal would relate to why you want the goal and the journey (how you get there). Is it a rush, chaotic and manipulative or a fun, exciting, rich journey that enriches your life? What is the quality of your journey? The emotional goal relates directly to the quality of your journey and life. Make a choice now. Take the opportunity to choose a new motivation, a new quality in your business! It starts with you and why you want it! Emotional goal setting

Remember the Emotional goal setting is the why you want something.

What do you really want (specific)?

Most people when asked what they want will answer with a list of things they do not want. Statements like “I don’t want someone like my ex.” or “I don’t want a job like my old job. It was boring and trying.” don’t  help at all. They create a picture (charged with emotion) of what you don’t want.   When asked what they do want (you might as well say you don’t want to think of a Red ball). Most will eventually settle for the miss world answer and say “something nice!” – nice is a cop out.

When it comes to emotional goal setting it is important to be specific and remember why you want it….

“I want a job that is fun, challenges me and that develops my talents and skills.”
Imagining clearly in your mind what YOU mean by those terms, remembering a time when you felt those emotions while doing some sort of activity.

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