Emotional Pictures – goal setting

Goal setting for business success

When you set goals ensure you are specific and include the emotions you desire to feel when you have achieved your goals.  Emotional goals are those which have a clear picture of what you want and a vibrant feeling attached. A clear communication strategy for yourself or others entails a clear goal … what will it look like when I am there?

When it comes to goal setting many people have wishy washy goals or negative goals. When asked what you want do you start off with “I don’t want something like my old…”

Or maybe worse a wishy washy goal “I want something ‘nice’ …”

A miss world answer does not help…

Be specific “I want a job that I am excited to go to, that stretches me, that develops my talents and utilizes my strengths. I want to feel excited, enjoy my day and feel like I make a valuable contribution.”

Communication strategy Emotional Pictures - goal setting

Emotional Pictures – goal setting

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