The Real Benefits of Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement: What benefits does your company gain from having an engaged workforce?

  1. Profitability: Engaged team members tend to be more profitable. Numerous studies (Gallup, Wyatt Watson, and others) found that organisations with higher Employee Engagement scores produce more than 20% higher revenues than those with lower engagement scores. Employees that are engaged become more productive and efficient, positively affecting the company’s bottom line. The more engaged your employees are the more efficient and productive they become, lowering operating costs and increasing the profit margin.
  2. Productivity: Engaged team members tend to be top performers, the type who are committed to ‘going the extra mile’ to achieve success. Employees who are more engaged have lower absenteeism and become more motivated which leads to increased productivity. Research by the Hay Group discovered that offices with more engaged employees were up to 40% more productive.
  3. Satisfaction: Satisfied employees stay longer and create a more positive culture which entices new employees. Employees that are more engaged and satisfied tend to be invested in the success of the business, have a higher level of commitment and loyalty. Engaged employees more effectively promote and support the organisation’s mission, strategy and brand.
  4. Retention and Attraction: Retaining good team members (and their intrinsic knowledge) is key to the success and longevity of every business. Organisations with employees who are engaged have significantly lower risk of loss of key talent and intrinsic knowledge. Engaged employees tend to be more satisfied and they are far more likely to stay with the organisation. Organisations with highly engaged workers have an increased capability to attract new, talented team members.
  5. Innovation: According to the studies (Gallup, Wyatt Watson, and others) innovation and employee engagement are closely linked. Engaged employees perform with more passion and interest to their job, which often leads to innovation. Highly engaged employees feel they have a greater stake in the organisation, they therefore are open to improvements in efficiently and strive to create new processes, products and services. Engaged employees tend to have more open lines of communication leading to greater collaboration within the workplace amongst coworkers and management. Engaged workers bring their energy and passion to work and help you swim upstream and not just float in the water.

The Real Benefits of Employee Engagement: If we are not innovating we are just floating with the current.

Employee Engagement – The Real Benefits The Real Benefits of Employee EngagementThe Real Benefits of Employee Engagement infographic

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