Improve your Emotional Intelligence skills (EI) through Emotional Intelligence coaching and consulting

Emotional Intelligence consulting, coaching and training EI development using cutting edge neuroscience research and tested coaching approaches assists you in improving your intelligence and competencies in this essential elements of life so that you can increase performance. Emotional Intelligence coaching and consulting allows for embedded learning and development.

We assess your current level of emotional competency through the EISA emotional skills assessment. Thereafter an EQ/EI skills assessment is used to create a Development Plan (EIDP) that is devised to increase your competencies in the areas identified in the EISA. These include exercises which you can practice at home.

Through one-on-one coaching support and developmental coaching sessions you will be able to improve your emotional intelligence which will help you understand yourself, your goals, intentions, responses and behaviour better. You will also be able to understand others and their feelings.

We have EQ/EI tests which help discover areas of strength and areas that can be improved. Coaching is based on the individuals’s needs and their own development goals.

Hourly rate and project rates available.Emotional Intelligence coaching and consulting