EQ Employee Engagement consulting and training to help you build a Great place you want to work

One Clear Message Consulting employee engagement consulting and treainingEmployee engagement is often seen as a “soft” skill but the reality is that poor management practices and low EQ contribute significantly to employee disengagement, lower innovation and a dismal bottom line

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Business loses millions each years annually due to employee turnover (up to 1,5 Annual salary – US Bureau of National Affairs). Our ability to engage and retain valuable employees and their intrinsic knowledge (of customers, process and products) in our organisations has a significant impact on our bottom line. Effective employee engagement consulting helps change your culture and bring humanity, innovation and long-term profitability back to your organisation.

One Clear Message employee engagement and culture change consulting introduces the 4 Key drivers of Emotionally Intelligent Employee Engagement:

  1. Relationship with manager
  2. Belief in leadership
  3. Pride in belonging
  4. Having a voice4 key drivers of employee engagement

1. Relationship with manager. Employees are more likely to leave managers than their organisations (Gallup). Employees also leave organisations who do not manage bad managers. The attitude and actions of an employee’s immediate manager can help enhance employee engagement or can sour the relationship and lead to employee disengagement.

2. Belief in leadership. The ability of senior leadership to lead the company in the right direction and openly communicate the state of the organisation is a key factor in driving staff presence. Strategic communication needs to be  clear, frequent, relatable and two-way to be effective.  Does your communication involve “Death by PowerPoint” and data dumps? Unless the communication is congruent and easy to digest it is often just noise in the chaos of the average day.

3. Pride in belonging. A key factor of employee engagement is a sense of pride in what the organisation stands for, a sense of belonging. Are you a team or a collection of silos? We want to believe that what we do matters and that our work helps make the world a better place. Employees also feel more engaged when they see how their effort contributes to the whole. This is where green or community initiatives can make a huge difference. We want to be part of something great.

4. Having a voice. When employees have a voice they participate in the organisation, take greater ownership and feel they can contribute to the organisation’s success. When they have no voice, feel their opinion doesn’t matter Disengagement increases. We want to matter and make a difference in the world. Most innovation comes from those who deal with customers of products on a daily basis. Give them a voice. Studies show that when leadership listens to staff concerns and ideas worker engagement scores are improved.

Employee Engagement consulting to positively impact your triple bottom line- Profitability, Retention and customer scores

2 day Employee engagement workshop outline

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Hourly rate and project rates available.

What elements do you need to increase engagement and performance? We help you analyse the Engagement levels in your organisation (through a communication audit or a Culture Audit) and look at how we can build a successful, engaged and innovative culture within your organisation.

Employee Engagement is the extent to which employees are motivated to add to organisational success and are willing to apply their discretionary effort to meeting strategic goals.

We help you:

  • Deliver effective strategic communication that is heard and acted on (No “DEAth by Powerpoint” or Data Dumps)
  • Run a weekly TouchBase to embed a positive Culture and innovative performance.
  • Understand the elements of a successful performance review system (360 reviews/KPI/KPA)
  • Increase retention of talent. The cost of replacing talented staff can now cost as much as 150% of their annual salary.
  • Give and receive feedback in a clear and supportive manner.
  • Design of mentoring and coaching programmes
  • Facilitation of buy-in and engagement
  • Strategic communication programmes and Knowledge Management

One Clear Message Employee engagement consulting helps embed these key employee engagement drivers and build positive managerial relationships, trust and honest communication. We help you build a Great place you want to workGreat place you want to work Employee Engagement consulting and training