Hire your customers for increased Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement: For passionate employees hire your customers


Who has the greatest feel or empathy for what your customers need?   If you need to maintain your connection to your clients then follow the example set by Harley Davidson, Nike (many runners and sport junkies), Microsoft (Hardcore gamers who helped create the Xbox) and many other successful companies and hire your customers. Employee Engagement begins with passionate employees. The people who best understand your customer’s needs can help grow your organisation and help it prosper. Keep connected to the people who make your business succeed. Companies who loose touch, lose customers. For instance when management who do not use their products – airline execs who never travel economy or wait in long cues as they are driven onto the tarmac and go strait to first class. They cannot understand what their customers need, want or experience no matter how many power point presentations they watch. Experience builds empathy.

Harley Davidson has created a culture where everyone knows what is expected. Their employees are also their customers, and know what they need. They have managed their environment, created a space that supports the culture and sends a message. Harley memorabilia all through the building and the sign “Parking for cages in the back” in the parking lot reinforces the  bike vs car culture (Cages = cars in Harley speak). Increase Employee Engagement through hiring those who are passionate about who you are as an organisation.

Do your employees know who your customers really are? What they need and want? Are your staff in touch with your customers?Hire your customers for increased Employee Engagement

Hire your customers for increased Employee Engagement

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