What are the biggest challenges preventing a lasting change management and engagement process?INceive solves the major challenges associated with sustainable change programmes

INceive – change management and engagement process supported by Software

The One Clear Message INceive change management and engagement touch-base process incorporates emotional intelligence and coaching principles augmenting your change management process.  It helps embed a high performance culture, increases engagement, stimulates innovation, helps retain talented employees and ties into an effective knowledge management system.
Even better, it takes less than 20 minutes once a week. We have developed software which supports the process and produces a variety of Management Information (MI) to aid in effectiveness.

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Kotter’s 8 step change model

Using Kotter's 8-Step organisational change model

INceive helps augment the change model you use through improved communication and buy-inChange management requires communication and buy-in

INceive solves the major challenges associated with sustainable OCM programmes:

  • Creating a common language
  • A sense of urgency
  • Buy-in and engagement of stakeholders
  • Identifying champions
  • Creating a culture that supports the change
  • Management Information (MI) that aids effective strategy delivery

One Clear Message INceive Change management and engagement overview:

  • Less than 20 minutes once a week
  • Timeously embeds a high performance culture and values based behaviours
  • Increases Employee Engagement
  • Identifies appropriate intrinsic rewards and recognition
  • Aids with Knowledge Management and innovation
  • Highlights skills and challenges (areas for development, knowledge sharing and reward)
  • Enables behaviour change through coaching
  • Helps with succession planning and identifying potential leadership talent
  • Increases retention of skilled employees
  • Helps create optimised teams and develop a succession plan
  • Follows international HR best practice


  • Supported by training, ongoing support and coaching for users
  • Supported by software customised for your business

-Instant agreed reports

-Recording for Knowledge management and review boards

-Human EQ conversation focussed

-Project or KPA focused


Your Performance x factor EQ coaching process from Richard Riche

 INceive change management and engagement touch-base process Change management communications elements Infographic 









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