Key elements of a Communication audit

In a fast moving multimedia world a Communication audit ensures our communication is effective and clear.

The key elements of a Communication audit are:

  • Clarifying your audience (internal and external)
    • what they know about your business, service, product or organisation?
    • what they want (and need) to know?
    • are your vision and mission clear and congruently delivered?
    • what form of communication they want (email, SMS, face to face, social media)
  • How communications were handled in the past
  • Strengths and weakness in your communications programmes
  • Opportunities for improved communications (Technology and face to face)
  • Clarify your current goals and objectives for communication
  • How are your current Communication plans working?
  • Are your messages clear and consistent?
  • Do you have a coordinated brand identity?
  • Are your messages clear and moving the relevant people to action?
  • What communications have been most effective?
  • What do (internal and external) customers think of your communications?
  • Are your communications congruent with your strategic plans?
  • What would make your communications more effective in the future?
  • What opportunities are you missing?

A Communication audit shows areas of strength and areas to improve.

A Communication audit involves one-on-one interviews explore the following areas:

  • Their understanding of the purpose of employee communications
  • How they envisage ideal communication
  • What they expect each employee to know about the organisation
  • Communications strengths and weaknesses (including in the media)
  • What they feel team members need/want to know about

The Communication examination process uses interviews that can be conducted in-person or over the phone and normally last from 30-40 minutes.

Contact us today for a Communication audit to ensure your organisation is effective and clear.

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