Law of giving- a business essential

The Law of giving – a business skill

We’ve heard that it is better to give than receive. This is an over simplification. It is also about giving the other the space to give too. When we give in a relationship, whether business or personal, we invest more and our level of connection and attraction increases.

One of the easiest examples of this is in the parent child relationship. The more the parent gives, the more invested they are in the relationship. The parent gives more in the relationship, time, energy, effort. The child receives more and, is thus, less invested. In a business relationships the one who gives more, becomes invested more. The one who receives more, and gives less, is less invested. In order to create deeper connection and investment in the relationship it is essential to also allow the other to give to you. If you do everything for them you will be invested and they will be far less invested. If you, however, give them the space and time to give to you, you will allow them to invest more in your relationship.

The Law of giving. Allow them to give to you, time, energy, do you small favours. This creates a balance rather than a servant / master relationship. Why would you invest in a relationship where you are not valued? Allow them the value of being able to contribute. Whether as a partner, parent or friend. It allows them to feel and own their strength.

do what you love - the law of giving

The Law of giving – a business skill

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