mind shadows and mental tape loops

Mind shadows and mental tape loops – business disaster


In clear communication we need to be aware of how the brain works and the emotional associations. Mind shadows and mental tape loops colour our awareness and communication effectiveness:

Mind shadows

The ideas and perspectives in our heads that, while unexamined, overshadow our confidence and leave us feeling nervous and anxious. An idea or repeated thought about yourself that is so much larger while in your head – like a scary shadow from your hand on the wall.

Mental tape loops
Those ideas that go round and round in our minds. The things we habitually say to ourselves without examination. We are often not kind to ourselves. We internalise our negative feelings and repeat the poor images we hold. These tape loops run 24/7. “I am not good enough” “I am fooling myself”

It is essential to be proactive, act rather than staying stuck in a poor state of mind.


mind shadows and mental tape loops

mind shadows and mental tape loops

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