Moments of Truth lead to a memorable Employee and Customer Experience

Moments of Truth emerge out of the experiences Employees and Customers have with our brand

Do you know why your employees and customers stay, why they leave, and what they say about you and your brand? Moments of truth (MoT) are not always logical, but they shape our opinions about a brand (as an employee or as a customer). MoT are the experiences we have, often the unexpected Wow or Eeuw moments that create a lasting impression. These are the moments we tend to share when talking about the brand with friends, family and colleagues.

Moments of truth are formed out of each experience your employees or customers have that help them form (or confirm) an opinion about your organisation.

Employee (EX) and Customer experience (CX) originate out of Moments of Truth

Moments that shape your Employee Experience (EX) / Customer Experience (CX)

In your Employee Experience (EX) journey it could be a getting to know your team session (as part of your onboarding), a personal note from your manager on achieving a milestone, help in a crisis (e.g. a personal or family medical issue), or being shown how your contribution has helped the organisation succeed. In your Customer Experience (CX) journey is could be a seamless customer signup (website (UX), questions answered, call centre experience, delivery), updates on service progress, a hand written card on your birthday, or the proactive handling of a crisis.

Key experiences that create Moments of Truth:

  • First impressions. A friendly welcome is a powerful first impression to create with new hires or new customers.
  • Employee and Customer Orientation/Onboarding. A well structured welcome with an understanding of how things work, benefits and processes.
  • Expectation management. Proactive communication about and management of what can be expected, by when and what contributions are required to succeed.
  • A sense of Community, Engagement and Communication. Inclusive, authentic communication and a sense of being part of a community helps contribute to our psychological well-being.
  • Team strength. Your team working together and being on the same page helps create a sense of belonging in employees and a sense of being valued in customers.
  • Recognition. Feeling valued as a customer or team member.Key experiences that create Moments of Truth #Infographic

The most powerful opportunities to create memorable Employee and Customer Moments of Truth happen in heightened emotional states.

When we are stressed, nervous, upset or excited our experiences are enhanced. How we manage these experience when an employee joins our organisation (feeling nervous) or when they have a personal/career crisis (stressed) impacts their perception of our brand and their willingness to contribute. Similarly, a customer’s experience of working with us (connecting/onboarding/welcome) and how we manage challenges leaves a lasting impression. The most powerful opportunities to create memorable employee and customer Moments of Truth happen in heightened emotional states

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