Performance feedback: Empathy in business

Performance feedback: Empathy, the art of connection in business and relationships

Empathy is strongest when we take the time to focus and pay attention to someone. People buy-in to other people, rather than just the products or services, in an environment where there are dozens of similar offerings. In order to do that they must feel understood and heard. Listening is a skill which helps people feel understood and engaged. We all want to feel understood and cared for. It is essential people feel they are understood and that someone cares for them.

Where employees feel that someone cares for them, and is looking out for their progress they are substantially more engaged and it positively affects the bottom line. According to the studies by the Gallup organisation engaged employees positively represent the brand of the company and interact more positively with each other, and customers. Happier staff leads to happier customers. Performance feedback handled with empathy is far more powerful.performance feedback empathy takes focus

Though we cannot fully understand another’s pain, we can through paying attention, or understanding through own pain, empathise with their suffering and respond accordingly. Empathy is the ability to put oneself in another person’s shoes.

Being empathetic is not always easy in Performance feedback. Empathy requires focus and attention to detail. For many people wrapped up in their our own heads, wanting people to pay attention to them, being empathetic is too much like hard work. In this chaotic, information overload society it is more important than ever to pay attention, be focussed on our clients or partners. Empathy requires we set different priorities, pay attention to details and ask questions we actually want the answer to. It is easy to get caught up in the ego of being self-centred, however we need to take the time to be aware of the needs of the other person or persons.set priorities empathy connection performance management

Empathy is a choice, a necessity to engage others and connect on a human level. We can to choose to improve, to care, to let go of the ego hit, and build a real relationship with another person. This can improve communication as well as help bridge the gaps between generations, cultures, and a variety of socioeconomic groups. We lead by our own example. Rather than waiting for others to be more human and communicate better we can take the first step and improve our empathy and caring levels, giving others the permission to do the same. Empathy can help make good leaders into great leaders. When leaders show they care, they create loyalty, motivation and demonstrate the desired culture of the organisation towards each other and the customers.

Performance feedback

Manage Performance feedback with empathy.

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