The Importance of listening

The importance of listening in business communication

Listening is a skill necessary for business. Ultimately, business is about helping others fill a need. To discover their needs we need to listen. We need to ask questions and pay careful attention.

We all love the sound of our own voices. In order to connect with clients and build relationships we need to take the time to listen, pay attention and allow them to talk so we can discover their needs and a manner in which we can fill those needs. One of the key ingredients of connection and winning people over is listening. when we listen to someone it demonstrates we are paying attention through our body language and feedback. Why? Because if someone listens, we feel more important. We all want to feel important. Are you making your clients feel important? Or are you looking for moments to hear your own voice?listening

The more you listen, the more others will feel you care, and that they are important. To build business and personal relationships, put your multitasking on hold, switch off your phone, look at their face, listen. listening is an essential business and relationship skill.

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Richard Riche

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