Scrap annual rated performance reviews – then what?

Life after you scrap annual rated performance reviews

Will you follow Deloitte, Adobe, Microsoft and Accenture and scrap annual rated performance reviews? If so the question is what to do next? Organisations are nervous to scrap annual reviews as:

  • They want a fair and validated way to distribute compensation increases
  • They need a record of low performance when dismissal is required
  • They need performance data in an employee’s file for succession planning, promotions and career development
  • They need a way to assess whether managers are doing their jobs well.

Times have changed. More and more organisations are radically re-engineering their performance appraisal processes as research and best practice shows:

  • Employees need and want regular feedback (daily, weekly). A once-a-year review is not only ineffective and too late but it’s often a surprise. Regular coaching is the key to strategic alignment and performance.
  • Managers cannot effectively evaluate an entire year in one sitting, so the annual review is awkward and uncomfortable for both the manager and the employee.
  • The manager/employee relationship is not as exclusive in many organisations as they used to be. Many employees work as part of numerous teams during the year, so one person cannot adequately rate an employee without additional input.
  • Some employees are a poor fit and may perform poorly but these issues should be addressed immediately, not at the end of the year.
  • In organisations with a lot of high performers, forced rankings eliminate great and skilled people and ends up damaging the culture.
  • We are inspired and motivated by positive, constructive feedback but many “appraisal” processes end up working against this.
  • A key part of an appraisal is the development conversation (what can be improved and what is required) but this is often left to a small box on the review form and is not always honest as it can negatively impact ratingsInfographic best practice performance elements for engaged employees

Admittedly, not every manager (or employee) is equipped to conduct meaningful, career-advancing conversations right now. We can’t just tell everybody to start talking to each other and they will do it effectively. We need to create a system that works for our organisation and supports meaningful conversations. We have to develop the skills and provide people with the tools to help people give and receive meaningful feedback. At Adobe, eliminating the formal performance reviews has had a positive impact on a number of key indicators. A key indicator that was of major concern was the spike in resignations directly after their traditional annual performance reviews. Since implementing their check-in approach this voluntary attrition of skilled people has reduced by 50%. The new system requires leaders and managers to have regular “difficult conversations” with employees who are struggling with performance issues, as opposed to putting them off until the next performance review cycle comes around.Scrap annual rated performance reviews - then what?

If you are looking for a solution to radically re-engineer or Scrap annual rated performance reviews in your organisation contact us today.

The One Clear Message Emotionally Intelligent performance coaching touch-base process incorporates emotional intelligence and coaching, and replaces the traditional “broken” performance management process. It helps embed a high performance culture, increases engagement, stimulates innovation, helps retain talented employees and ties into an effective knowledge management system. Even better, it takes less than 20 minutes once a week. We have developed software which supports the process and produces reports to aid in development and effectiveness.
Emotionally Intelligent performance coaching touch-base overview:
  • Less than 20 minutes once a week
  • Timeously embeds a high performance culture and values based behaviours
  • Increases Employee Engagement
  • Identifies appropriate intrinsic rewards and recognition
  • Aids with Knowledge Management and innovation
  • Highlights skills and challenges (areas for development, knowledge sharing and reward)
  • Enables behaviour change through coaching
  • Helps with succession planning and identifying potential leadership talent
  • Increases retention of skilled employees
  • Helps create optimised teams and develop a succession plan
  • Follows international HR best practice
  • Supported by software customised for your business
    • Instant agreed reports
    • Recording for Knowledge management and CCMA
    • Project or KPA focused
    • Human EQ conversation focussed
  • Supported by training, ongoing support and coaching for users

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There is life after you scrap annual rated performance reviews

If you want a human solution supported by software contact us for a demo in London, United KingdomLife after you scrap annual rated performance reviews

Your business X-Factor: Emotionally Intelligent performance coaching touch-base


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