Slide design tips: Create a clear audience takeaway

Slide design tips: To engage your audience create a clear message takeaway

Before you start building your presentation, or speech, work out what message you want the audience to remember once you have finished talking. If 5 people spoke they should remember you spoke about … what?

Too often when designing presentations speaker build their slide decks with little regard for the reason they are speaking. The idea is to make your speech, or presentation, memorable not boring. If you can clearly state your message in a sentence it is far easier to build your presentation, or write your speech. This message should be supported by the points you make and the stories you tell. – Top Slide design tips.Presentation skills clearly state your message in a sentence

This message should be linked to the audience … why this message, why now and why to this audience.

Your message should relate to why the audience should care about, and what they should do with the information. Do they need to take an action (sign here), behave differently (pay it forward), or think about what they have heard (inconvenient truth)?

e.g. “When it comes to our top Slide design tips Keep it simple and have One clear message your audience can hear and act on.

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