Presenting percentages and statistics

When presenting percentages can be hard to digest

For many people presenting percentages hold greater fear as they can be complicated and cause the MEGO (My Eyes Glaze Over) state. Many people need a calculator (on their cell phone) to calculate 10% on a bill for the tip. (10% Tip: move the comma one place. On R135,00 – 10% is 13,50). Percentages and statistics also require context to make sense – 20% of what? Too many speakers fall back to the isolated statistic – 20% of people. Which people, where? vs. In a study by Harvard in 2016 it was found that 20% of college students ….presenting percentages requires context

When presenting percentages or statistics in a presentation keep it simple, and relate it to the audience. A handout can be given afterwards with more complex data. 20% of the worlds population means nothing to most people,as it is hard to relate to. However, 1 in 5 people (or if there are 15 people in the room 3 of us in this room) is a lot easier to grasp.

Remember: less is more. Always think Billboard when designing slides, don’t think document!

Slide design tips: Presenting percentages

Slide design tips: Presenting percentages and statistics

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