The Miracle Question for coaching and mentoring

The Miracle Question – a key to personal change

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Solution Focused Therapy (SFBT) uses the concept of the Miracle Question.

the Miracle Question for coaching and mentoring

“Imagine you woke up tomorrow morning, and a miracle had occurred, your life had turned out exactly the way you always wanted it.” Now imagine, using all your senses, what would you hear, smell, taste, touch that was different? How would you feel? How would you be different? How would you act differently?

Solution Focused Therapy is form of coaching/therapy that focuses on the present, and future, rather than the past. Traditional therapy/coaching can get the client stuck replaying negative emotional memories over and over again. Solution focused therapy aims to get the client to imagine the change they desire, to imagine the future as if accomplished, then plot the steps to get there. SFBT coaching helps let go of what is known, or perceived, to be wrong and steers attention to what is right. Attention is paid to the resources and skills the client has, and helps them take responsibility for setting their own goals, and reaching them. The Miracle question forces you to think about exactly what it is you want from life, how it will look and feel. Without a clear idea of what you want, change is hard and there can be a tendency to drift through life. Knowing what you want allows you to develop a clear action plan. Unless you can answer the miracle question with a clear description of what your ideal outcome would be, you are not yet in a position to change your life.

Changing our language shapes how we think about the problem, and enables thinking about the solution. Solution focused therapy focuses on the desired solution, not the problem. On what can be done, rather than what cannot be changed. Solution focused therapy believes that current actions are the problem, doing more of the same is ineffective, that change necessitates identifying what can be changed, and to change it. The Miracle Question | Solution Focused Therapy

The Miracle Question for coaching and mentoring

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