The top 5 eLearning design mistakes and how to fix them

In eLearning design Looks do Matter

Purpose matters

Not every eLearning design needs to be elaborate. Some programmes are more about creating an awareness of a new company policy, while others do require specific learning outcomes and measurable assessments. It is important to understand what we are trying to accomplish before we start.

Once we are clear on what we are trying to accomplish it is important to remember that eLearning is essentially a visual medium, so in eLearning design Looks do Matter. We are drawn to things that look good, as such visual design is a key part of communicating ideas.

The top 5 eLearning design mistakes (and how to fix them)

1. Cluttered Slides

Your eLearning programme shouldn’t become another example of “Death by PowerPoint”. Eliminate clutter (design for mobile), one idea per slide, include plenty of white space and chunk the content to make it digestible.

2. Generic Stock Photography

Skip the generic stock photos (perfect smiling groups of people) – they look phoney and are not relatable. Instead use photos of real people (with permission), conceptual images or entertaining animated characters.

3. Boring voiceovers

Voiceover work isn’t easy, but using a conversational style with personality helps increase audience attention/retention. A flat and droning voiceover will disengage your audience and put them to sleep. 

4. Un-relatable scenarios

Using relatable real-world scenarios that participants may actually face in their day-to-day life is the gold standard. In your scenario design consider how they will actually apply what they have learned.

5. Clunky User Interface (UI) and Experience (UX) 

Ensure as participants progresses through the programme it is visually appealing (UI) it is abundantly clear what action is required next (UX). The flow and appearance should be elegant and clear, not cumbersome (KISS).

eLearning design mistakes and how to fix them #Infographic




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