Visibility, Mattering and Impact an Employee Engagement bottom line

In business Visibility, Mattering and Impact are an Employee Engagement bottom line

Positively engage your employees

Many people have jobs that make them more unhappy, cynical and frustrated with life. This impacts the people they love directly. Miserable individuals infect each other, and this misery ripples out to the people who must work with them, live with them – their colleagues, families and friends. Misery in the workplace is very real and directly impacts the Employee Engagement bottom line and customers.

We want to be Visible and belong

When we feel anonymous in our jobs, when we feel (or think) those we work for don’t care about us as a person, we feel disengaged and resentment increases. However, when those we work for take a genuine interest in us as people, the impact is positive and beyond measure. Feeling anonymous, as if we are invisible, leads to a lack of fulfilment and begins disengagement. Being known and understood is a human need. When we feel invisible, common or anonymous we cannot love our jobs, no matter what we are doing.

What are you doing to ensure your team members feel known, as individuals?

We want to matter, make a difference

Most of us don’t have an obvious connection of how our jobs makes a difference, how what we do impacts our colleagues and customers. It is part of our job as leaders to identify and share this contribution to the organisation, and to remind them continually. How we are managed impacts our contentment and the Employee Engagement bottom line. Part of that is mattering, our place in the big picture. Studies have shown disengagement and dissatisfaction increase exponentially when what we do does not matter. If employees cannot see how their job makes a difference in anyone’s life they feel their work is pointless and drudgery. We need to know that what we do impacts someone’s life  positively – a customer, a co-worker, even a manager in some meaningful manner.

What are you doing to ensure your team knows how their contributions matter?

We want to see the impact of our effort

We cannot change that which we do not measure. Games with no score are boring and frustrating – imagine watching a tennis match with no score. Not very exciting. We all need feedback in our work. How can we know whether we are learning, growing and improving if we cannot measure how we are doing?  When we don’t know how we’ve done, we feel out of control.  We want to know how we contribute to the success of the team/organisation.  When we are unable to measure how we are doing we end up relying on the subjective opinions of others, often our managers.  It is hard to be engaged, fulfilled, in our work when we have to rely on the whims or perceptions of another, no matter how well intentioned.  The need to grow and develop is wired into our psyche. We strive to learn, grow and develop … from our first steps to our last.  Without tangible means of assessing our success, or failure, our motivation deteriorates over time. We desire to control and impact our own fate.

What are you doing to help your team measure their achievement?

We want to be acknowledged, to be recognised as individuals, to know we matter. Take these first steps to Employee Engagement and see the impact on the triple bottom line (people, planet, profit).employee engagement Visibility, Mattering and Impact are an Employee Engagement bottom line Infographic

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