Your brain thinks in pictures – keys to visualisation

Our brain thinks in pictures

Your body and brain make no distinction between what you remember, what you imagine or what is actually happening.

As you imagine the person being all these negative things your body begins to physically and chemically react to the situation as if it were actually happening. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The more potent the emotional attachment/weight you link to the picture the stronger the physical and chemical reaction. The harder you try not thinking of these disastrous ideas and images the stronger they become. Trying not to think of that Red Ball only makes the image stronger. Instead focus on what you want – focus on thinking of a Green Ball.

What are you trying to say? Do the pictures your words create say this, or do they – in fact – say the opposite?

what message are you sending? Is it clear?


     Self esteem is how you honestly feel about your Self Your brain thinks in pictures - keys to visualisation

What message are you sending?

Your brain thinks in pictures – keys to visualisation

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