Assumption – a business relationship disaster

Assumption – a business and personal relationship disaster

When we assume we damage all types of relationships.

To communicate effectively and engage with people we cannot assume.

Imagine you are a teenage boy … When you say you want a relationship you mean you want a girl you can watch “chic flicks” with, massage her feet, brush her hair, listen to every detail of her day …. ? Right? That’s what you mean by relationship? Or is that her definition???

Now imagine you are a teenage girl … When you say you want a relationship you mean you want to bring the guy regular cold beers and snacks while he watches sport, massage his shoulders, keep absolutely quiet during sports, except to cheer his team, and be “available” whenever he needs … ? Right? That’s what you mean by relationship? Or is that his definition???

Yet you both agree you want a “relationship” with no real understanding of what it means, or more specifically what they mean… It can be easy to make an assumption, but it may be based on incomplete information. Worse than that, we often assume the other party knows what we mean, and then feel hurt when they don’t deliver, on “their part”. In intimate relationships many of us want, think or feel our partner should, intuitively know what we need, think or feel – this leads to misunderstanding and hurt feelings.

It is often no different in business relationships with clients, co-workers and our bosses. There is an assumption we know or they should know what we mean and need.

Are you a mind reader? If not, you, like everyone else need to ask questions to discover what your clients, business partner’s and friends mean, want and need. A customer is a human being, who needs to be treated with dignity and respect. Our aim in building a relationship with all people is to ask questions to discover what their needs actually are, in order to meet those needs in a win-win manner, to grow and develop our relationships. Whether it is your boss, employee, co-worker or clients … Don’t assume!

Assumption - a relationship disaster Social awareness an Emotional Intelligence imperative

Assumption – a relationship disaster

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