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Receiving feedback for development

Performance conversations are often not handled well in many organisations. Most of us don't like to be told what to do and we sometimes do the opposite of what we are told, even when the information would be helpful. Learning to hear and act on feedback is a skill we all need to learn in order to keep growing and developing skills.

Simple workshop debrief for embedded learning

After running presentation skills training or a workshop to build Emotionally Intelligent teams we have found it important to recap and run a debrief with the participants. This helps embed the ideas and give them an action step to take when they leave the training.

Embedded learning – Watch one, Do one, Teach one

The embedded learning concept helps improve communication. We learn best through watching, doing and then embedding the learning by teaching what we have learned. There is nothing that deepens our understanding quite like having to share and teach someone else what we have just learned. In this process there is an observer, a participant and a mentor.