HI – Humorous Intelligence a business skill

HI – Humorous Intelligence a business and life skill


There are many types of Quotients/Intelligences and I’d like to add HQ or HI – Humorous Quotient to the list. Beyond IQ – intellect Quotient; EQ – Emotional Quotient; SQ – Spiritual Quotient; PQ – Practical Quotient; AQ – Attitudinal Quotient; FQ – Financial Intelligence there is an essential HQ or HI – Humorous Intelligence, the ability to see and express the funny.

An ability to laugh and see the funny side of life is a much underestimated intelligence in life. People who are able to laugh (at themselves or their troubles) are able to cope far easier. There is a growing body of research which demonstrates that humour diffuses fear, relaxes people and helps people cope.

Humorous Intelligence also helps with communication, adding impact to your message and making it more memorable.

Brian researchers have discovered that 3 parts of the brain specifically light up when you laugh at something funny. The thinking part – understanding the joke; the area that controls movement – laughter; and the emotional part that makes you feel good. Laughter can be seen as a response to the incongruities or unexpected derailments in the story. Humour is about the derailment of expectation. This is the essence of lateral thinking.

A sense of humour, or a sense of fun, can help you be more creative. Think of Albert Einstein who imagined himself riding a beam of light. A sense of humour and analytical thinking created an amazing scientific theory.

HI - Humorous Intelligence a business skill

Humorous Intelligence (HI ) – the skill of seeing beyond the normal and laughing.


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