Mental framing for success

Mental framing for success – keeping your focus positive

Framing our experiences in a way that helps us is an essential life skill. It is important for the development of you staff, and your own personal development, that you are able to develop clear communication that works for you. Happy confident people are more productive people. We all have the ability to tweak what happens to fit an idea we hold as true. Letting go this idea can be liberating. Be in the moment and look for what is really happening.

We tend to see the world in a way that fits our view of the world. Whether that view is correct – or not. This process is largely automatic, but once we become aware of it we have the ability to change. We can take another look and find alternate meanings.

How do you see the world?

Does the way you see the world help you, or hinder you?

Mental framing or Mental gymnastics or tweaking is the twisting of ideas, words and concepts to fit a specific set. Do your twists work for you or against you?

Changing the way we look at our experiences can help us manage our energy and attention more successfully.
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