Simple workshop debrief for embedded learning

The after workshop debrief of a small group can take 20 minutes, whereas a debrief of groups of 10 or more can take substantially longer

After running presentation skills training or a workshop to build Emotionally Intelligent teams we have found it important to recap and run a debrief with the participants. This helps embed the ideas and give them an action step to take when they leave the training.

Tips to handle a workshop debrief with a large group:

  1. Summarise the key elements from the workshop to remind of core elements. This is important as often after a long day respondents have only the last elements discussed top of mind.
  2. Hand out coloured post-it-notes (blue, yellow, green).
  3. Ask participants to write blue (an idea you want to share – something memorable), yellow (an obstacle for you) and green (your action step – what are you going to do with the information).
  4. Have all participants place their sticky notes on a flip chart or white board in the front. Read 3-5 of the notes in each category and discuss some of the interesting ones. Comment on common themes.
  5. As the workshop ends, ask participants to take their green action note with them, suggest they put it in their purse/wallet. Ask them to consider when they find it in the future whether they have completed the action step, or whether they should put it back in their wallet. how to run a simple workshop debriefA simple workshop debrief to increase retention of ideas
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