Slide design tips: presentation vs. handout slides

Slide design tips: There are 3 main types of presentation slide designs

Not all slide decks are created equal! Each has their own style and purpose depending on their delivery method. Each requires a different approach to make it effective in sharing a message that engages the audience. Emailing a presentation (here text on the slide works as they read it) requires a different approach to delivering in front of an audience (who may become bored reading ahead). Use these Slide design tips to build more effective presentations:

  1. The presentation you deliver (by standing up and speaking) should have simple slides that augment your message (what you say). Slides should have minimal text and focus the audience’s attention on your message, the audience take-away.
  2. The presentation you print (handout) should have simple slides (as below) to remind the reader of the presentation, and have detailed notes of content discussed. Notes should be complete sentences, not just bullets or key words. Leaving space for personal notes can also be useful. See presentation handout below.
  3. The presentation you email that is intended to be read by the recipient (not presented), can have text on the screen but should still have a clear message and audience take-away. In this type of presentation it is acceptable to put text on the screen, as you will not be reading out to them what they have just read.

Note: The presentation you deliver may have different notes to the one you print as a handout. These notes are to prompt you when speaking. They can be bullet points and key-words, they do not have to be complete sentences.

Slide design handout vs presentation

The 3 main types of presentation slide designs Infographic

Slide design tips: presentation vs. handout slides

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