Chose to connect first

In business chose to connect first

When you get to work, before you see your first client, or interact with coworkers, you have a choice…

If it is a “mission” and you’re not smiling, make another choice! Chose to connect first!

Search each day for that “Quiet Excitement” of fulfilment and achievement – then approach that client/ co-worker…It is amazing how people shine when we acknowledge their positives and appreciate who they are, when we adjust our attitude first…. Strive to be the one who smiles first, reaches out a hand first.

Try turning it around… How do you feel when constantly criticised? vs. when you are acknowledged for what you do and who you are and people who smile and reach out to you first?

That sense of “Quiet Excitement” is the feeling that all is right in the world and a sense of a positive action and future achieved … now!

Chose to connect first culture is how you see yourself


Always Chose to connect first in business interactions.

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Richard Riche

Change Communication and Employee Engagement specialist at One Clear Message Consulting
Richard specialises in helping you build real human communication skills. Employee Engagement / Experience, Emotional Intelligence skills, building high performance teams and a great place you want to work. TED style speaking and presentation skills. Training, consulting and coaching.
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