Communication in Conflict Resolution

Communication tips for Conflict Resolution

Conflict can be an opportunity to build relationships … or lead to the demise of them.

Avoid the Conflict Don’ts and find solutions which build and provide solutions. Beware the The 4 Relationship poisons.

Communication tips to help manage and build your relationships in the face of conflict.

Summary of Key points:

See as Opportunity,   Clarify meaning,   Remember to Use effective feedback (3-2-1),   Reverse But’s,   100/1%,    Humour,   Shift perspective  to engage your listener and find creative solutions

References for further study:

* J. Gottman: The Seven Principles

* C. Dweck: Mindset

* S. Achor: The Happiness Advantage

* M. Goulston: Just Listen

* K. Patterson: Crucial confrontations

Presentation – April 2011    Slideshare:  Communication conflict solutions TM Conference

Communication in Conflict Resolution

Communication in Conflict Resolution

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