Listening skills beyond words

Listening skills beyond words

Communication is about sharing ideas, meaning, and understanding.

Just talking to your partner, doesn’t necessarily mean you are communicating in a real way. Real Communication goes beyond the mundane “How was your day?” We also need to keep in mind, just because we “said it”, doesn’t mean it was clear and they “got it”.

Relationships are a dance between two emotional human beings who colour each interaction through their own expectations, experiences, and history. Each of us has a different skill level when it comes to communication, luckily better communication is a skill that can be learned. Communication can make or break your relationships.

Listening skills…

Listening skills

Listening skills go beyond hearing the words, it involves paying attention to the message behind the words. Watch the body language, listen to the tone, focus on your partner, not what you want to say next! It is easy to slip into the volley listening style, where we are just waiting to return the point. Not really hearing what is being said, but listening for trigger words to which we can respond.  Active

listening, where we repeat or rephrase, what your partner has just said can be annoying if done too much, or if done in a mocking tone. Much of the meaning isn’t in what we say, but how we say it. Our body language, tone,  eye contact and proximity add weight to what we say, or detracts from it.

As we read our partner’s nonverbal signals, we need to be aware of our own. Consciously make and maintain eye contact, keep your body open and a neutral tone to your voice, and sit within arms length to the person you’re talking to.

Nobody does it perfectly all the time. We can work to become better communicators by learning to listen, and by paying attention to more than the words.

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