Negativity can kill relationships

Negativity can kill businesses and relationships

Your, and other’s, negativity kills your relationships. After the Korean war Dr Mayer studied the impact of the psychological treatment by the guards. They did not treat the prisoners particularly badly. They encouraged them to Inform on each other. Neither the informant or the informed were punished. The informer was rewarded with cigarettes or some other item. This led to suspicion and a lack of trust between comrades. They encouraged Self Criticism … What are the bad things you have done .. and the good you have not? It encouraged them to look at themselves, and others, with disdain. They broke loyalty between the men and their leaders until they would no longer take orders from their superiors. They withheld Emotional Support from home. But, if a bill or bad news arrived in the mail, they were given the letter immediately. No love letters. Do you do this in your relationships? The lack of support, loyalty and criticism led the soldiers to literally lie down and die.

How does the way you talk and treat your partner (gossiping behind their back, ignoring them) kill your relationship?

In order to thrive we need support, loyalty, clear caring communication and self acknowledgement – own what you, and they, do well.

bright spots change Negativity can kill relationships

Negativity can kill relationships

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