mental gymnastics – association and perspective

 Mental gymnastics – negative association in business

Association – attaching weight meaning to a tone, gesture or action. Can work against you or for you…

I would suggest that no matter what anyone says take it as a compliment. This is a way to begin to counter the ravages of your bad habits. Use your imagination. Have fun. If someone insults you instead of taking it as an insult try twisting it as a weird compliment. It has two affects, it helps you learn to use your imagination in a positive direction rather than belittling yourself and it also annoys the person trying to insult you, leaving them frustrated.

Do you tweak what is said to work for you or against you?  When someone scowls in your direction, do you take it personally or guess they might be having a bad day?  When your boss is in a bad mood, is it your fault or could they be having a rough day?

Mental gymnastics is the tweaking of the input, words or actions, beyond the knee jerk reaction of its my fault, so works for you. Emotionally Intelligent behaviour takes what we perceive, how we understand the emotion, how we manage the emotion and how we use it.

mental gymnastics - association and perspective

mental gymnastics – association and perspective

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