Communicate One Clear Brand

In business communication create One Clear Brand

Think of your Brand as the promise you make to the consumer.

Whether it is You or your organisation’ s brand …. consistency and congruency are king.

The first priority of branding and marketing is to create profit for the organisation. Each branding and marketing decision should be checked against the standard of long-term profitability of the brand, rather than short-term sales or awareness. If they do not trust your brand, they will not be loyal and buy your brand. It often pays to keep it simple … discover the things you do well and clarify that offering. Deliver on that promise.

If this promise is made on behalf of the organisation, every member of the organisation has to keep that promise, not just the salesman or marketing department. First, ensure all members of the organisation understand what you promise. Second, a clear congruent Clear Brand message needs to be sent and delivered to the customer. The product, promotions, packaging, pricing and service need to fulfil that promise. third, service and quality must be in sync with the brand promise. Fulfilment of this brand promise creates brand loyalty. Do what you say … keep the message clear.

To engage your customers … deliver on your promise.

Clear Brand

What does your organisation stand for? Do you deliver on that clear brand promise?


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