One Clear Message Google Search tips

One Clear Message Google Search tips

 Effective internet search tips

Google Search tips

Do your staff waste valuable time with poorly formatted search queries? Use this simple table of our top Google search techniques to make communication with this amazing search engine easier. Save time and money by searching more efficiently. Clear Google search techniques.

One Clear Message Google Search tips table

1. Either | or: (OR |)   Useful if you are not sure which term is correct, or used by industry people.  E.g. Internet marketing OR advertising  (internet marketing | advertising)2. Exact phrase: (“”) Double quotes searches the exact words in that order.  E.g. “George Bush” will get you all pages that refer to both George Bush’s (W (jr) and H. W. snr) but not those using the initials.
3. Search for Synonyms: (~)  E.g. Typing in ~guide also searches for similar keywords: tutorial, manual, reference, etc. e.g. Training ~guide4. Exclude Keywords in the Search: (-) e.g. anti-virus -software will search for the words anti-virus but no references to software.  e.g. Outliers will give you results excluding these sites.
5. Numeric Ranges: (X..Y) For results that contain any of a range of numbers, e.g. president 1994..19986. Calculator: To do a quick calculation, type your sum in to Google. E.g. 278512 * 1.172 Will give you the answer = 326 416.064
7. Specific Document Types: (filetype:)  For ppt, pdf or word documents related to internet marketing type e.g.“internet marketing” filetype:pdf 8. Fill in the blanks: (*)  Thewildcard is a placeholder for any unknown term(s). E.g. the search Apple * will give results about all apple’s products.
9. Word Definitions:  (define:) To get a definition. E.g. define: strategy10. Search for a Range: (..) Items in a specific range e.g. best books 2002..2007gives best books for each of the years from 2002 to 2007.
11. Site Specific Search: (site:) To search a specific website for content use site:.  e.g. Use the accountant to find accountants on LinkedIn.12. Backlinks: (link:) Use to find pages that link to a specific URL.  e.g. link: will give links to that page.
13. Location of term: (inurl:, intitle:, intext:, and inanchor:) Search within the URL, the title, the body text, and the anchor text (the text used to describe a link – inurl:, intitle:, intext:, and inanchor:14. Related content: (related:)  To find similar pages to one you like. E.g. related:


Or download a handy PDF version of our Google search tips to make your internet surfing easier and more effective :

OCM Google Search techniques table.pdf

One Clear Message Google Search tips Infographic

Google search tips to help make your life easier.

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