Connection based service delivery

Connection based service delivery builds businesses

People tend to respond in kind. When we smile, they smile. When we are polite, they respond by being polite. Unfortunately many people in customer service respond to customers, rather than initiating a response. They respond to customer’s stress, bad moods and irritation with their own mirror attitude. Connection based service delivery focuses on humanity.

Business is people helping to solve other people’s problems, in order to do this we need to be able to connect. We all want to be treated well, but far too many of us wait for the other person to initiate this respect, kindness and politeness. As sales, customer service or management we need to always take the first step. Be polite, respectful and friendly First! Connection based service builds businesses and increases customer loyalty. We want to interact with a human being not be seen as a wallet.

The keys to connection based service delivery and winning over customers or staff are Make them feel they matter, and Make them feel heard.

Many of us have been taught “The customer is always right”. This is not true, and tends to cause more resentment than anything. Nobody is always right; additionally they may not know what they need from you, unless they know your product offering far better than you do.

The customer is a human being who deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. It is our job, as customer service, sales people or management, to listen and ask questions to discover what they need, then deliver that in a win-win manner.

Connection based service delivery builds businesses

Connection based service delivery builds businesses and strengthens our brand.

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